BLACK CROWN INITIATE have released 'Vicious Lives', the third single off their new albumSelves We Cannot Forgive, out July 22nd via Long Branch Records / SPV. The final track on the record and one of the most atmospheric and darkest songs the band has ever recorded, it's a perfectly fitting final movement for Selves We Cannot Forgive.

Listen to the song 'Vicious Lives' here:

The song and the two previous singles 'For Red Cloud' and 'Selves We Cannot Forgive' are also available as instant-grat download & stream. 
Get it here:

Black Crown Initiate have worked their way into the heavy music community’s collective consciousness with steady determination. Likeminded supporters who made the thrilling discovery of songs like 'A Great Mistake', 'The Fractured One', and 'Withering Waves' are rewarded in kind by the continued evolution on Selves We Can Not Forgive.

As Black Crown Initiate continuously proves, heavy metal and heavy intelligence don’t have to be mutually exclusive. These men are conjuring an awe inspiring body of work that is as unstoppable as it was inevitable, like existence itself. This is high-minded art delivered with a guttural growl. 

On top of all, the pennsylvanian progressive metallers BLACK CROWN INITIATE will join BORN OF OSIRISVEIL OF MAYA and VOLUMES on the Sumerian Alliance tour across the UK and Europe. 


09.09.16 Germany Karlsruhe @ Stadtmitte  
10.09.16 Belgium Brussels @ VK  
11.09.16 UK Leeds @ Key Club  
12.09.16 UK Glasgow @ Classic Grand  
13.09.16 UK Manchester @ Sound Control  
14.09.16 UK Cardiff @ The Globe  
15.09.16 UK London @ o2 Islington Academy  
16.09.16 Netherlands Tilburg @ 013  
17.09.16 France Paris @ Fleche d'Or  
18.09.16 France Toulouse @ Metronum    
20.09.16 Spain Madrid @ Changó   
21.09.16 Spain Barcelona @ Salamandra 2  
22.09.16 France Montpellier @ Secret Place  
23.09.16 Italy Milano @ Legend Club  
24.09.16 Switzerland Lausanne @ Cerbervs Fest  
25.09.16 Germany Saarbrücken @ Garage  
26.09.16 Germany München @ Backstage  
27.09.16 Austria Wien @ Arena  
28.09.16 Hungary Budapest @ Durer Kurt  
29.09.16 Poland Katowice @ Mega Club  
30.09.16 Germany Leipzig @ Täubchenthal  
01.10.16 Germany Köln @ Euroblast   
02.10.16 Germany Köln @ Euroblast   
03.10.16 Germany Berlin @ Musik & Frieden  
05.10.16 Sweden Stockholm @ En Arena  
06.10.16 Norway Oslo @ John Dee  
07.10.16 Sweden Gothenburg @ Fangelset   
08.10.16 Denmark Aarhus @ Atlas