Within the realms of extreme music, there are paths few bands dare to tread, masochistic auditory experiences enjoyed by a select few, feared and misunderstood by many. Glasgow’s HEADLESS KROSSare terrifying, dishing out grim music that’s an exercise in primeval tension and paranoia. Their forthcoming offering Projections I is released on November 18th via At War With False Noise. 

Ahead of their release the band have debuted their track ...Does Not Equal Time for listening. Check it out here: https://headlesskross.bandcamp.com/album/projections-i and have made their 2015 album Volumes available for free (grab it here). 

Comments Vocalist/Bassist Derek Sexton: "Projections I is the first in a trilogy of albums whose fractured narrative examines this distorted yet strangely cyclical world we live in through equally distorted yet strangely cyclical psychedelic doom. We recorded it as part of a psychogeographical experiment in which we conducted a series of field recordings in various ritualistic areas of Glasgow and we feel we are embracing an increasingly polarised sound - the riffs are heavier, the monolithic groove is catchier, the freak-outs are space-ier and the fragmented lyrics descend into an infinite regress as time seems to collapse in upon itself."

Recorded and mixed by the band themselves at guitarist Tommy Duffin’s own 16 Ohm Studio in Glasgow and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Isis, Conan, Palms), the result is a menacing album that embodies avant-garde invention and unstoppable aggressive creativity throughout.  Envisaged as the first part of a trilogy, this new record sees HEADLESS KROSS heading toward further extremes - heavy bits are heavier, trance-y bits are tranc-ier, this is a band that has honed its sound to vicious effect. The album’s four songs explore ideas related to projectivism, psychogeography and psychochronography. These growing obsessions were reflected in the very recording process of the album, which included a ritualistic tour of various significant areas of Glasgow to both gather field recordings, and map out an altar of sorts across the city, upon which the album could be created.

Having perfected their grippingly bleak and abrasive sound on stages across the country with bands such as Slomatics, Conan, Bast, Jucifer, Samothrace, Inter Arma, Orange Goblin and Ufomammut to name a few, the new year will see the band touring the length and breadth of the UK in support of their trilogy of releases, with parts 2 and 3 being released within the next 12 months. 

Projections I will be released on November 18 via At War With False Noise. 

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About Headless Kross

Formed in Glasgow in 2011, Headless Kross are the ideal soundtrack to the slow unravelling of the world as we understand it. The band have spent the last 5 years perfecting the Basic Effects (including Transposition, Divination, Levitation, Production and Restoration) through a series of releases. In 2011 their debut, Bear, was the Bone Reader’s Best Unsigned/Independent Album of the year, and this was followed by a split with War Iron, a self-released mini album and a split with Lazarus's Blackstar. Headless Kross's contribution to this (a side-long twisted version of Amon Duul II's Deutsch Nepal) was described by Rock-A-Rolla magazine as “…something precious few would attempt and even fewer could do justice to, but this Glasgow three-piece somehow pull it off."

In 2014 they recorded their second full length album Volumes at Skyhammer studios with Chris Fielding. This 3 song epic explored the idea of the degradation caused by humanity's influence to the natural state of meaning, and the implications of this being rectified. Somehow in a violent fashion. The album was released in April 2015 on Black Bow and Burning World - Terrorizer claimed that it "...stands out from the crowd.." and was "...towering and heavy...", The Sludgelord said it was "Definitely worth checking out and one of the most exciting new bands I've heard in some time" and Maximumvolume recommend that "...if you want to explore the outer extremities of doom, then Headless Kross are here for you."