"Crushing brutality with startling technical intricacy" - Metal Hammer
"Pure unbridled aggression" - Rock Sound

UK tech-deathcore brutalisers OSIAH have released their horrifically grim new video 'The Harvesting' and announced a forthcoming headline UK tour.

First premiered on Heavy Blog is Heavy, you can check out the video here:

Taken from their recent ferocious debut album Terror Firma which was released in 2016 via SIEGE MUSIC, The Harvesting is the second ominously bleak video to be released by the band. 

Comments vocalist Ricky Lee Roper: "Harvesting’ is one of my favourite parts in the concept of Terror Firma; it touches on how empirical knowledge can be misconceived due to fear-based irrational thinking and desperation, this can bring power to mistruths and faith, something that religion has been using to their advantage for years, and have successfully disguised its evil like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The video touches on how a lack of logical reasoning quickly leads to panic and thus the story begins; our young are infected with an evil disease and the father figures in blind panic abandon reason and turn immediately to faith, a pawn raised on the lies of religion comes as a saviour, but discovers the truth of how alone and powerless he is. At this point in steps a stronger religion, that silently removes the old religion to impose an even more sadistic faith, enforcing it’s will and evil upon the weak and desperate for its own agenda. As has happened for millennia.”

The band have also announced a forthcoming set of tour dates across the UK throughout February and March: 

24.02.17 – Manchester - Satan's Hollow

25.02.17 – Plymouth - Underground

26.02.17 – Swindon - Victoria Inn

27.02.17 – Birmingham - Subside

28.02.17 – Margate - West Coast Bar

01.03.17 – London - The Black Heart (with Frontierer)

02.03.17 – Basingstoke - Sanctuary Live

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