"Their blend of black metal and progressive metal is both bright and engaging" - Terrorizer
"An assured step into the realm of post-black metal" - Metal Hammer

Brand new post-blackened progressive death metal outfit Asira are delighted to release their stunning debut LP Efference - out today and streaming.

First premiered on Invisible Oranges, you can listen to Efference via the link below:


It is rare that you come across a debut album as starkly beautiful and intensely powerful as Asira’s first release, Efference. A vehement disregard for genre conventions, Efference is a stunning mixture of blues, progressive metal, post-blackened metal and ambience.
Such perfectly melded contradictions capture the essence of Efference. For fans of Alcest, Opeth, Ulver, Anathema, and more, this is an album for all fans of forward thinking heavy music. Post-genre, moving beyond convention. Drawing attention already from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and more, the band are quickly being marked out as ones to watch.
Asira are a brand new band, with no past. A blank slate for the listener to draw their own conclusions, the band are launching their career with the release of Efference.

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