FREAKANGEL have announced their new album How the Ghost Became is due for release on 23rd June. The album will be available on limited edition vinyl as well as 16-page hardback digibook-CD, download and streaming versions via Digital World Audio

Check out the video for their latest single taken from the album "In the Witch House":

How The Ghost Became seems almost light years removed from the dark electro sounds of FREAKANGEL’s 2010 debut The Faults Of Humanity – finally taking what has now become a full band firmly into metal territory, and quite definitively so. Dmitry’s singing, now freed from distortion, has never sounded so powerful nor his vocal range so wide – and no album has ever come this close to capturing the full ferocity of FREAKANGEL’s live performance. 

FREAKANGEL have toured relentlessly across Europe, mutating the once studio project into a full four-piece live rock act, and acquiring an ever-increasing fanbase. In addition to numerous headline performances, FREAKANGEL have appeared at a huge number of industrial and metal festivals like Resistanz (UK), Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Dark Munich (DE)Hard Rock Laager (EE), Summer Darkness (NL), Castle Party (PL), Lumous and Findustry (FI) alongside acts like COMBICHRIST and LORD OF THE LOST.

Songs like “Make Me Disappear” have probably more in common with Motionless In White or Marilyn Manson than anything remotely considered “electronic” – while those hoping for a more four-to-the-floor groove will find that fused with this super-heavy new FREAKANGEL sound in songs like the album opener “Witness The Fall”. Even a passing nod to the club-friendly FREAKANGEL of old is included in the form of the groovy “Giving Up The Ghost”, where the band perhaps take one last dance on the graves of what they once were. 

With How The Ghost BecameFREAKANGEL have fashioned an album of rare beauty where raw and emotional rock sits smoothly alongside electronic elements to form an entirely organic-sounding whole, and one which adds up to so much more than the sum of its parts. Setting a formidable new standard in industrial metal, this is an album that even FREAKANGEL themselves may find hard to follow.

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