French symphonic progressive metal act ADAGIO have made their impending album LIFE available to stream in full. The album will be released on 26th July via Zeta Nemesis Records.

You can stream LIFE here:

Taking their time to create their unique and highly personal fifth full-length album, LIFE, it has been seven years since ADAGIO’s last studio release, Archangels In Black.

With LIFEADAGIO pushes the experience past just music, plunging the listener into a powerful introspective experience. Guitarist Stéphan Forté says: "Fear, joy, sorrow, love, pain, ecstasy... What if we could visit each of these emotions like exhibits in a museum? ‘Life’ takes you on contemplative journey, exploring the complex yet beautiful contortions of the subconscious mind." 

Stylistically, LIFE brings ADAGIO back to their progressive roots while expanding their musical boundaries. From the heavy 'Subrahmanya' which is available as the first single now, and which combines traditional Eastern Ethnic and Djent influences, to the dark and mesmerizing 'I'll Possess You,' LIFE is an epic canvas of atmospheres which will take the listener back to the ethereal places they had once visited but never managed to find again.

This album features several lineup changes for ADAGIOLIFE marks the return of singer Kelly "Sundown" Carpenter, who had previously performed live vocals for the band. It also brings us the new addition violinist Mayline, adding new ethnic textures and dimensions to the band’s sound.

LIFE will be released on July 26th; to pre-order it and download your digital version for FREE, visit: