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Instrumental Prog Fusion band Arch Echo have just released a drum playthrough of Richie Martinez performing ‘Afterburger’.

Check out the playthrough here:

'Afterburger' comes from Arch Echo latest self-titled debut album, defining the quintet as an exceptional entry into the prog fusion community. 

A track that consists of melodic flair and the pushing of boundaries through the exploration of harmonic possibilities, Richie's drum playthrough magnifies his irrefutable ability - a large part of Arch Echo's refined take on instrumental prog.

Arch Echo are a collective of young virtuoso musicians whose meeting in 2016 at the Berklee College of Music kickstarted one of the most exciting projects the progressive music world has seen this decade. Taking influence from jazz, prog rock, metal, contemporary classical and everything in between, their refined and intelligent take on instrumental prog is as fresh and challenging as it gets.

After touring extensively in the US, Arch Echo plan to announce a series of UK tour dates. 

Purchase the album here: