Forever Marching Backwards is out NOW via APF Records


BATTALIONS have released their new album Forever Marching Backwards today via APF Records and are streaming their new album in full via the label's website

You can also listen to the album in full here:

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Forever Marching Backwards is the follow up to the band's 2017 release Moonburn and brings to the table a tighter, punchier, dirtier sound with bigger riffs and extra swagger. The whole album is littered with Phil Wilkinson’s trademark bile encrusted vocals which envelope the absolute crushing, corroding heaviness of the music. Across eight tracks the band exorcise a wide array of sorrow and raw human emotions. But then there’s also a song (Tyskie Vampire) about being on tour with their label mates Pist, dropping cans of strong Polish lager on the floor and having to suck them dry when they split open. So it’s swings and round-abouts - heavy human emotions versus songs about touring and sucking your beer off the floor. Typically BATTALIONS

Recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios in the UK, the resulting album is a danger-fuelled 30 minutes of BATTALIONS own brand of bleak, swaggering, riff-infused groove metal-meets-harsh-punk sound. To quote the band, this is ‘pure Humber sludge’. 

This is their third album in three years and they show no sign of slowing down, with each album becoming a little more BATTALIONS in style and flavour but more than that, showing a band working on a formidable musical output.

Forever Marching Backwards is out now via APF Records and available to buy here.

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Forever Marching Backwards Tracklisting&nbsp;    1:&nbsp; Forever Marching Backwards  2:&nbsp; Cities of Ruin  3:&nbsp; Goat Feeder  4:&nbsp; Vaseline (G)Love  5:&nbsp; Tyskie Vampire  6:&nbsp; Infinite Void  7:&nbsp; Brick Hole  8:&nbsp; Devil's Footsteps

Forever Marching Backwards Tracklisting 

1: Forever Marching Backwards
2: Cities of Ruin
3: Goat Feeder
4: Vaseline (G)Love
5: Tyskie Vampire
6: Infinite Void
7: Brick Hole
8: Devil's Footsteps