German tech-metallers UNPROCESSED will release new album Covenant on 13 April via Long Branch Records, and have unveiled new single 'Haven'.

This follows UNPROCESSED being announced for UK-Tech-Metal-Fest 2018 on 5 - 9 July 2018, and the band will be touring the UK around the festival, dates to be announced soon.

UNPROCESSED are a progressive metal band hailing from Wiesbaden, Germany.

Founded in 2014, UNPROCESSED have shared the stage with Monuments, Betraying the Martyrs, Being as an Ocean, Napoleon and As they Burn, completed a full EU tour and played numerous shows in and around Germany, promoting their first releases In Concretion (2014) and Perception (2016).

UNPROCESSED's sound features insanely fast palm-muted, chugged guitar riffs and shredding solos that meet soundscapes from another dimension, guttural vocals that are contrasted by lucid and melodic clean singing. A sharp bass tone and groovy, yet detail-oriented drum-lines form a massive rhythm section and complete the bands overall sound. This mixture shows that this young band is ready to conquer the scene.