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British heavy prog psych band BOSS KELOID have stunned critics with their evolution in sound and style from the band's previously relentlessly heavy psych sludge to a dominant multi-dimensional progressive force. Today the band releases Melted On The Inch via Holy Roar Records, first premiered by Metal Hammer where the band also take the listener on a guide through each track, you can now listen to the album here: 

Stream the record here

The band comments: "For us, Melted On The Inch is a strong progression from Herb Your Enthusiasm. It draws from a much wider pond of influence than our previous. It is more progressive, more uplifting, more melancholic, more emotional, more dynamic, there is a greater emphasis on light and shade, it is heavier, it is more delicate, it has more beauty, it has more darkness.“ 

Body swerving trends once again, Melted On The Inch is six anthemic tracks showcasing a matured, evolved BOSS KELOID, as the Wigan based quintet continue to flirt with new genres. Littered with unmistakably Boss Keloidy riffs, Melted On The Inch continues to disrupt notions of genre and song structure. This is rousing, heavy tinged progressive rock music as Boss Keloid daringly hold, dip and release the reins of the mighty riff whilst Alex Hurst's bellowing, primal vocals, which are more dynamic than ever, enthrallingly envelop each track. These are undoubtedly the biggest, most intense songs BOSS KELOID have ever written. This is their line in the sand and the results are inspiring.

Melted On The Inch is now available from Holy Roar Records in the UK/EU here and Deathwish Inc in the USA here

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