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UK metal newcomers CUT SHORT have released a video for 'Psychosomatic', the second single from their debut EP Impersonal - due for release on 15th June 2018. Produced by Timfy James of Hacktivist at Old School Studios, Impersonal is a concisely crushing introduction to a violently hungry band, who are set to make big waves in 2018.

"It is about coming to terms with emotional trauma, no longer knowing who you are as a person. Actress Lucy Fallen represents the conflicting emotions of a somebody suffering with mental health issues," the band explain of the new single. "The filming process was long, as we were still doing takes late into the night; however overall we are very happy with the outcome, and feel the video depicts the narrative in a way we wanted."

Watch the video for 'Psychosomatic' here:

From the darkest depths of the North, CUT SHORT are exploding onto the scene with a sound like no other metal presence around. Their unique blend of raw emotion and ferocious hooks have left music fans with a firm stomp between the eyes, yet mesmerised by their entrancing atmospherics. Comparisons could be made to the likes of Heart of a Coward and Northlane, but they also possess flair and energy that's distinctly their own. 

Vocalist Harry Benyon explains: "This release is heavy, melodic and ambient. I have always believed in having melodies to compliment brutal riffs so that neither is too isolated. Each track has a slightly different vibe, so there should be something for everyone. This release also has a strong message/story behind it which is based on personal experience; hopefully this comes across to the listeners as I have put my heart and soul into it."

Formed in January 2018, CUT SHORT are rapidly building a name as one of the UK's most exciting live acts: their first two shows saw them garner a huge reception supporting Traitors, followed by a tour with Remenitions. Soon the four-piece will embark on a UK tour to support the debut release - dates to be announced in due course.

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