Psychedelic doom has a new voice in newcomers MORAG TONG, who are streaming their debut LP Last Knell of Om.

Released 18.05.18, Last Knell of Om was first premiered via Metal Injection. Listen to the album now here:

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Unquestionably odd and instantly lovable, Last Knell of Om is ostensibly a stoner doom album but at heart an anti-doom record, the sounds of the genre taken to the nth degree. Slow, expansive, spacious sonorities meet a shared passion for musical experimentalism driven by a vocalist-drummer and a wall-of-sound approach.
Recorded in a studio at the top of a hill just south of London, Om is MORAG TONG's response to the vastness of the cosmos, and the fact that the entirety of life has developed vocalisations in their own unique ways. From primal screams to song to full-blown speech, there has always been a yearning to scream into the void; to scream into the void is the only thing ultimately that connects the entirety of life’s existence.
Although not strictly a concept album, there is an impressive level of cohesion to MORAG TONG’s Last Knell of Om. Led by drummer-vocalist Adam, the band avoid focusing on the presence of a frontman, concentrating on a wall-of-sound experience. Heavily DIY, MORAG TONG embarked on March tours with Tuskar and Sail, and put on their own mini-festival called The Local Fuzz. The band have played alongside SlabdraggerMammoth Weed Wizard BastardEarthmassMonolithian, and more.

Instagram: morag.tong

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