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British psychedelic power trio CHUBBY THUNDEROUS BAD KUSH MASTERS are streaming their much hyped, never bettered debut album Come & Chutney in full via Riff Rock Records on its release today - July 13th 2018

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Never ones to shy away from media attention, political commentary or invitations to open new kebab shops, the band have waded into the political arena with the premiere of their new video 'Döner Trump' via Metal Hammer. The video sees the band deliver, in their own unique style, a scathing attack on American President Donald Trump via the medium of a protest song involving fans and other bands enjoying döner kebabs.

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Comments the band on their inspiration for the video/track: "Seriously, what a dick! It’s astonishing that he’s reached the position he’s in, yet it’s also not surprising, given the levels of xenophobia around the world and this anti-globalisation thing some people are keen on. What the f*ck’s the problem with a larger, more inclusive society? Does it really matter if cultures change as humanity develops? It’s sad that things are going this way, or have they always been, we’ve just got better access to reading about it now? F*ck knows; what interesting times we live in."

Come & Chutney is a sublime pilgrimage through eight tracks of cosmos drenching, riff slinking, indignantly delirious, fuzzed out Chubbiosity. And a song about Donald Trump.

The album features several guest appearances including guest vocals from Chantal Brown of Vodun, guest guitar solo from Gary Harkin of Ten Foot Wizard, and guest keyboards by Thom Carter of Riddles on closing track ‘Psychedelic Hallucinogenic Vagrancy’.

The London band (which includes former Dopefight frontman Owen Carty) have been turning heads on the UK’s burgeoning underground scene not least because of their combination of tie-dye and corpsepaint, but with a staggeringly heavy live show that has everyone who sees them agreeing that they’re about to become huge. Probably. 

Their debut EP Earth Hog fused sludgy, blues riffs with stoner rock overtones and was recorded and produced by Sam Thredder of Slabdragger.They followed this with the Split EP "Special" with Ten Foot Wizard in 2017.

The band’s tongue-in-cheek approach belies their dedication to all things heavy and riff-shaped. A jaw-droppingly powerful live band, Bad Kush have already completed two European tours with Bongzilla, Boss Keloid and Ten Foot Wizard, headlined the Black Heart on the final day of Desertfest London 2017 playing alongside such legends as Sleep, Slo Burn and Turbo Negro and repeated circuits of the UK’s underground scene since their inception in late 2014. Having supported the likes of Slabdragger, Dopethrone and Honky, audience members have picked up on the band’s vibe and now blow bubbles in appreciation of the band’s heaviest riffs.

Come & Chutney is out NOW via Riff Rock Records. Orders are available here

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Come & Chutney Tracklisting

1. Doggy Bag Of Slurry
2. Krones Of The Kiln
3. Cojones Feos
4. Glue Ear
5. Gutlads
6. Gawdless
7. Döner Trump
8. Psychedelic Hallucinogenic Vagrancy