"ATTAN aren't so much a band that you can easily whack on while hoovering the flat but will more likely have you quivering naked in the foetal position in the corner." - Metal Hammer


ATTAN announce 7 September as the release date for their upcoming full-length End Of. via Fysisk Format.

As stated by MetalsucksATTAN's latest single "The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised' has 'all the ingredients of an incendiary, sweaty basement show brimming with energy" and serves as a great introduction to End Of..

Give it a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-8wlpSP0fw 

End Of. is best listened to as a whole to truly understand the band's musical variety, ranging from crowd moving grooves as found in 'Feed The Primates', the whirlwind of riffs and screeching vocals in 'On Hands and Knees', to 'Black Liquid Marrow's' stacked sludgy melodies. They also manage to combine their entire sonic spectrum in the title track, which attacks your brain from every angle possible, ending the record on a massive, but well rounded note.

Already able to list playing Damnation Fest and touring with Conjurer to their list of achievements, as well as receiving words of praise from the likes of Metal Hammer magazine, ATTAN have an exhilarating path ahead of them. With the thunderous End Of., the Norwegian quintet prove they are heading down a promising road.


Side A
01. The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised
02. Feed The Primates
03. On Hands And Knees
04. In Our Image (This is love)
05. SoMe Riefenstahl
06. Black Liquid Marrow

Side B
07. Catalyst Divine
08. Ghostwriters
09. End Of.

Pre-order End Of. here: http://bit.ly/Attan_End_of
More info: http://bit.ly/End_of_info