Definition released September 21 2018


New UK prog/groove metal band PROGNOSIS are proud to announce the release of their debut LP Definition (September 21). Bearing comparisons to Mastodon, early TriviumGojira and even a touch of CarcassDefinition is an album which belies the quartet’s youth.

Musically Prognosis have cultivated their own sound on this record, developing their Ghost EP and 'Drones' single. Labelled once as “Mastodon playing Carcass”, the band include a host of subtle influences which makes Definition a highly rewarding listen. Beyond groove metal, the band also emulate Dream Theater and Muse, the technicality of Jeff Loomis, and the abrasive elements of Death and beyond. Lyrically, the songs are bound together by a concept which looks at the flawed characteristics that define us as humans, such as selfishness, greed and imperiousness. All combined, the band create music that is at once progressive, grounded, over-the-top and ferocious, and well deserving a listen.

To add to the album, co-guitarist/vocalist Phil Weller has penned a book of short stories expanding on the stories. From a dystopian sci-fi tale of survival and a tragic love story (think Steven Wilson meets Romeo and Juliet) to a King who cons his way into heaven, the multi-genre collection reveals the songs in deeper and different lights. Available soon.

In their short history Prognosis have played at Bloodstock (2017), and supported Phil Campbell and the Bastard SonsThresholdLawnmower DethConjurerBoss Keloid; and are due to play Mammoth Fest 2018.

Catch the band live:

04 August Raffs Bar, Wellingborough
07 October - Mammothfest, Brighton
13 October - Badger Fest @ Rebellion, Manchester
20 October - Maguire's, Liverpool
27 October - Redrum, Stafford
04 November - Grand Central, Manchester
13 December - King Billy, Northampton

Prognosis are:

Danny Daemon – Bass & Vocals
Phil Weller – Guitar & Vocals
Christian Hickson – Guitar
Aaron Youd – Drums  
Produced by Chris Taylor - Noiseboy Studios (CleftBurial, etc).

For more information:

Prognosis Album Cover.jpg

1. High Road
2. Echoes
3. Isolation
4. Downfall
5. Repentance
6. The Sycophant
7. Legacy
8. Waste
9. Drones