New album Dead Era released 28 September via Long Branch Records 

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German metal quintet WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY have released new video 'Song Of Courage', the final part of a video trilogy, which started with 'Hostage To The Empire' and was continued with Gospel Of The Kingdom. All three songs are taken from the forthcoming album Dead Era which will be released 28 September via Long Branch Records

Check out 'Song Of Courage' here:

The band tour with Annisokay in Japan this December and will announce UK/ Euro shows later this year.


06.12.18 - JP - Sendai - Macana
07.12.18 - JP - Tokyo - Garret Udagawa
08.12.18 - JP - Osaka - Shinsaibashi Varon
09.12.18 - JP - Tokyo - Zirco
Broadway is well known as the heart of the American theatre industry, the synonym for superior and critical entertainment. Similarly WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY pursue the idea of fiercely unbiased art.

Brought to life in late 2009, the quintet focus on a vicious deathcore sound and disenchanted lyrics. Following the release of their debut album Aeshma, the quintet played at With Full Force, Summer Blast, Wacken festivals, and many more. They have also toured with Suicide SilenceCalibanEskimo Callboy and Whitechapel.

This was followed by their second full length, Slaves, released in November 2016 via Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire. In 2017 the band had their first headline tour in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France which included a number of big festival appearances. 

WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY parted ways with vocalist Robert Horn in October 2017 who was replaced by Nils Richber, the perfect piece of the puzzle they never knew they were missing. In 2018 the band hit the road with Within Destruction and then went into the studio in April to record Dead Era.

Dead Era is a synonym for WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY’s musical evolution from their deathcore roots, closing this chapter of their story.

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