Mexican melodic death metal band AFTERFALL have launched their debut single ‘Maere’, an impressive statement of intent from this hungry new band.

Watch ‘Maere’ here:

Fast melodic riffing, harmonised leads, breakdowns and half-time riffs are aplenty in AFTERFALL’s sound, and their incorporation of Middle-Eastern instruments and baroque orchestration shows they have no limits in terms of sonic experimentation.

Formed early 2019 in Mexico City, the quartet have wasted no time in producing their world-class metal sound, and 'Maere' is a powerful taste of what’s to come.

The band's lyrical themes are based on a fiction novel written by the members. The story centres on a character who experiences several traumatic and desperate events to protect the life of a young sibling, resulting in the person being transformed into a ruthless, cold-blooded psychopath.

The band comment: “Our single 'Maere' tells the story of the ruthless transformation of Anya (the older sister) being finally concluded, and how under the eyes of Élise (her younger sister), she is seen as an evil, untrustworthy and nefarious person. A demon who attacks children in their dreams; this demoniacal presence is called Maere."

In terms of the sound they added: “This song literally is pure energy; pure stamina”.

A full-length album is in the works, more information coming soon.

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