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Hungarian apocalyptic prog rock/metal act PERIHELION have unveiled new single 'Erdő' and announced the release of new album Agg set for 6th December.

Premiered via Prog magazine, watch 'Erdő' here: https://youtu.be/cW2ohlp7YNg

Guitarist/vocalist Gyula Vasvári told Prog magazine: "Erdő (Hungarian for "forest") is a song about the process of dying, it is the third piece on the new album Agg, a seven-track release revolving around the disappointment in this world and the redeeming death of the physical body."

'Erdő' is the first single taken from new album Agg, seven tracks inspired by the world's ever-increasing moral decline and turmoil, that is both abrasive and yet strangely comforting; a smorgasbord of dark sounds, emotions and feelings.

PERIHELION fuse psychedelic rock, avant-garde metal and post-black metal, to create a sound that is atmospheric, ethereal, beautiful and haunting in equal measure. A band who use dynamics as much as melody, the quartet create captivating soundscapes with many twists and turns; each track is a journey in its own right.

Translating as "very very old" in archaic Hungarian, Agg is a concept album about escapism. Each track has a different take on the process of heading towards death, the ultimate escape, which serves as a sour metaphor for the decline of humanity. Agg was recorded live in a rehearsal space with the view to creating something truly natural and atmospheric, and the result is a chilling and distinctly organic sound.

Having played together since 2001, PERIHELION officially formed in 2012 and released their self-titled debut that year. In 2014 they followed up with an EP entitled Nap fele néz which caught the attention of respected French label Apathia records, who released their sophomore album Zeng in 2015. Subsequent releases Hold (EP 2016) and Örvény (album 2017) gained the band huge international attention, which saw them tour Europe, play festivals in France and Switzerland, and open for Zeal & Ardor and Tormentor.

Autumn 2019 will see PERIHELION tour Europe in November in support of first single ‘Erdő’ in the lead up to the release of Agg, and also prepare for their ongoing campaign of misery and acceptance in 2020. More live dates to be announced soon.


1/11 - Brno - Bajkazyl, CZ
2/11 - České Budějovice - Velbloud Music Ba, CZ
4/11 - Strasbourg - Le Local, FR
6/11 - Chambéry - Brin de Zinc, FR
7/11 - Delemont - The Pub Fiction, CH
9/11 - Maribor - Gustaf Pekarna, SL

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