Entertainment One (eOne) have singed Texas USA rock band TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION to a worldwide deal, and will release a brand new LP from the band this spring.
TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION have released a new song called 'Moonshine', which is available on all digital platforms. 'Moonshine' is also available as an iTunes instant grat track, meaning fans who pre-order the new LP on iTunes will receive the track as an instant download.

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TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION will release new album  High In The Saddle, on 31st May 2019. High in the Saddle is a record full of unashamed, full-throttle ass kicking. It’s the band’s second pairing with producer Bob Marlette (Black Stone Cherry, Rob Zombie) and sixth album overall, on the heels of their #2. 2 Billboard Heatseekers slab, Dark Side of Black. Pre-orders available now. 

Pre-order here: http://smarturl.it/THChighinthesaddle
Album number six kicks off with the alarmingly catchy slither of 'Moonshine'. It oozes everything the band stands for and smells like. A true TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION manifesto, if ever there was one: swampy grooves, Crüe type partying, and a Man in Black style saga.
Backyard barbeques, barroom brawls, tent revivals, and big rock festivals alike are suitable environments for the Red Dirt Metal of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, a band with a sound so devilishly electrifying that they had to come up with a new genre to describe it. 
BIG DAD RITCH captains this pirate ship of bikers, outlaws, troubadours, and hellraisers, welcoming all comers to the THC party with gregarious charisma and Southern charm. Across a half dozen albums, countless club gigs, and show-stealing performances at Rockstar Mayhem, the band has spread the good word of big riffs, big hooks, and wild times. 
Ritch puts the band’s evolution in Old West terms. “In the beginning, you’re an outlaw looking for direction. You gotta get the best guys for the job behind you,” he explains. “Now we know how to rob banks, how to rob stagecoaches, and how to rob trains.”
“I’m just out to have fun, man,” Ritch says with genuine modesty. “I never look at this as something I have to do. It’s something I /get/ to do. I just thank the Lord above that He has given me this talent that has allowed me to garner these wonderful things in life.” 
 continues to ride or die for truth-telling, unashamed, Red Dirt Metal badassery, winning over new acolytes every damn day. As Blabbermouth once asked:“How many more reasons do you need to try a little THC? Everybody’s doing it.