Ion Dissonance Return With New Album, Sign to Good Fight and Premiere Track

Ion Dissonance Return With New Album, Sign to Good Fight and Premiere Track

Ion Dissonance Return With New Album Cast The First Stone

Release New Tracks //  Sign Deal With Good Fight Music

"One of the most intense albums of 2016, period."

From Montreal, Canada, Ion Dissonance was one of the creators and refiners of a sound in the mid-'00s that was equally brutal, technical, and rich with pit-friendly grooves. Along with French Canadian countrymen Despised Icon and US bands like The Red Chord, Ion Dissonance mixed dizzying math and earthquaking heaviness into a vibe that served as a gateway for the death-core boom that followed. Between 2003 and 2010, the band released four albums and toured the world.

Now in 2016, Ion Dissonance is set to return with its fifth album, Cast the First Stone, to be released November 18th on Good Fight Music.

The band have unveiled a new track "Suffering: The Art of Letting Go," via MetalSucks.

Listen, here:

"Suffering: The Art of Letting Go" appears on upcoming full-length Cast the First Stone, the Montreal band's first album since 2010. A monstrous return, Cast the First Stone shows Ion Dissonance at its best, delivering lethal bursts of chaos, colour, and groove – the next level of the brutal, technical style it pioneered over a decade ago.

Ion Dissonance frontman Kevin McCaughey says, "First and foremost, we are excited that we inked a new record deal with Good Fight Music. For those who know us well it is certainly no secret that our band has encountered its fair share of obstacles through this 15-year journey, leading us to remain inactive for the better part of the last six years. With that being said, we look forward to a fresh start, and couldn't ask for a better fit than the relationship established with the Good Fight family. The professionalism, dedication, support and hard work going into this record is so much moe positive than our previous experiences thus far.

On a side note, we are beyond stoked to finally share with our fans the songs we've been working on for some time now. For the occasion we reserved some of the hardest hitting grooves you've heard from us to date. With Antoine [Lussier, Ion Dissonance guitarist] at the helm of production once again, we made sure to include a little bit of everything on this one. Cast the First Stone is a solid mix of all the essential elements you would expect to hear from us, with some new twists added. This is the next chapter in the Ion Dissonance discography and we are far from finished.”

Cast the First Stone will be released November 18th on Good Fight Music.

Pre-order, here:

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Facebook || Twitter || Good Fight Music


Irish alt-rockers VERSIVE reveal video for new single 'Pretend'

Irish alt-rockers VERSIVE reveal video for new single 'Pretend'

Alt-rock quartet VERSIVE are thrilled to reveal the video for their new single 'Pretend', which was released on the 9th September via Scylla Records and championed two positions in the Irish iTunes Chart (#7 in the Top 200 Alternative and #54 in the Top 200 All Genres).

"'Pretend' is our first video and we're so excited to release it! We shot it with our good friends from Long Lost Designs in an abandoned warehouse just outside Dublin," the band told Punktastic who premiered the video last week. "The song deals with themes of grief, loss, the brave face we put on, and the hope for better days. We hope you enjoy it!"

Check out 'Pretend' here:

Versive are formed of ex-members of Jody Has A Hitlist, The Upgrades, Downhill and All It's Worth; their sound is grittier than their previous rock ventures, making comparisons to the likes of Four Year Strong and Basement. The band recorded the single at Bluebird Studios with Murdock's Aidan Cunningham, who also mixed and mastered the track at Forbidden Zone Studio. 

The four-piece have plans to release an EP and tour in the new year - keep your eyes peeled for more details!

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Atmospheric hardcore/post-metal Italians Fall Of Minerva announce European tour

Atmospheric hardcore/post-metal Italians Fall Of Minerva announce European tour

Italian atmospheric hardcore band Fall of Minerva have today extended their tour to include a European run of dates, incorporating their previously announced UK tour. 

Make sure to catch the band at one of the following (including an appearance at the Euroblast 2016 warm-up show):

27.09.16 White Rabbit Club - Freiburg (DE)
28.09.16 Muk - Gießen (DE)
29.09.16 Underground 2, Euroblast Festival - Köln (DE)
01.10.16 L'Ecluse - Reims (FR)
04.10.16 La Cantine De Belleville - Paris (FR)
05.10.16 La Machine à Vapeur - Nancy (FR)

*With We Never Learned To Live & Earth Moves
06.10.16 Veg Bar (Brixton) - London (UK)*
07.10.16 Lounge 41 - Workington (UK)*
08.10.16 Gringos - Norwich (UK)*
09.10.16 Pre-Bar - Southampton (UK)*
10.10.16 Underground - Plymouth (UK)*
11.10.16 Bar FortyTwo - Worthing (UK)*

13.10.16 Do It Yourself Cafe - Lille (FR)
14.10.16 Hipster Cafe - Rouen (FR)
15.10.16 Bahnhöfli - Wyhlen (DE)

The tour follows the band's acclaimed album Portraits, released via Basick Records on March 25 2016. 

Listen to the album now:

A true testament to the majestic uplift of heavy music, Fall of Minerva follow in the fine tradition of atmospheric metal, for fans of Cult of Luna, Devil Sold His Soul, Isis and more. The Portraits LP cannot be confined to a single genre; a Basick Records hallmark: monumental post-metal, post-rock and atmospheric post-hardcore meld to create a beautiful and titanic release.
An internationally touring band, Fall of Minerva have previously achieved an impressive amount in their relatively brief history. A Russian tour and two European tours has seen the band share stages with the likes of Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater, This Will Destroy You, Vanna, Code Orange and more.

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HACKTIVIST release video for 'No Way Back'

HACKTIVIST release video for 'No Way Back'

MK genre-defying quintet HACKTIVIST have released the video for 'No Way Back'taken from their debut album Outside The Box which is out now on UNFD.

The video follows a busy summer for the band, which ended with the band playing huge sets at Reading and Leeds Festivals

Watch 'No Way Back' here: 
'No Way Back' was directed by Hacktivist bassist Josh Gurner, who explains the meaning behind the track and video concept:
"No Way Back is a reaction to the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today. The general population are realising we have created a corrupt and non-sustainable society of inequality, overconsumption and misinformation, but are too familiar with the status quo to unite and influence change towards a solution.


Most of us are content with being sold ideals of distraction and instant gratification. We acknowledge that there is a broken system, but will quickly dismiss hideous revelations or opportunities for progression because "it's always been that way". 


If we keep clinging to this mentality, there will be no way back.


When creating the video for the track, I wanted to capture some of these comfortable ideals, contrasting with the dark and unnerving serving of reality that people like ourselves try to project out to those who are paying attention.


Once you acknowledge the truth, would you choose the path of struggle towards change? Or would you take the path of least resistance, and keep your eyes closed to the world crumbling around you?"

Purchase Outside The Box here:


INTRODUCING: Headless Kross

INTRODUCING: Headless Kross

Band name - Headless Kross

Location - Glasgow, Scotland

Genre - Psychedelic doom

Links -    ||


Tell us a bit about your band - how long have you been going, why you do what you do, what you want to achieve.

We have been playing together since 2011, drawn by a mutual desire to play heavy doom. We have released 2 albums (Bear in 2011, and Volumes in 2015) 2 splits (one with Belfast's War Iron and one with Lazarus Blackstar) and an EP (Demises in 2012), and have played across the UK and Ireland.

We don't have a set 'manifesto' in terms of the sound, but it is good to try and show that things can be heavy and intense without being violent and aggressive, or spacey and abstract without being pretentious and self indulgent.

You have a new release coming out soon - without giving too much away tell us what listeners can expect from it.

The new album, Projections 1, sees us moving in a slightly more extreme direction - the heavy bits are heavier, the spacey bits are spacey-er, the lyrics are more abstract and the repetitive bits are more hypnotic. We jammed a lot before this album, so some songs have a more organic feel, while others have been refined over the last couple of years. 

Plans for the next 12 months?

Projections 1 is the first of 3 albums we are releasingroughly 6 months apart. The second and third will follow on from the themes of the new album, forming a trilogy of sorts. We are also looking to keep playing live as much as we can, and are particularly keen to head down to England a bit more, after a couple of successful excursions recently.


How does the band prepare for a gig?

We practice regularly, so are always ready to go. A few beers beforehand never goes amiss, and a couple of minutes in plank position to warm up. We find ourselves in a lot of smaller DIY type venues, so in many cases the pre-gig ritual is standing awkwardly by the stage, or rifling through bags trying to find a speaker cable.

Name 3 bands you would love to tour with, and why?

Slomatics - We have played together many times, and always have a good laugh with the lads. Great band - crushingly heavy.

Melvins - It would mean we would get to watch them every night (and on this fantasy tour they would be playing a different set every night.

I notice that the question does not have any time restrictions, so for the third, Space Ritual era Hawkwind. This does not require any explanation. Anyone who does not understand why should not be reading this interview.

Name a band you'd love to give a shout out to and think people should listen to

We have played with so many good bands - Bosphorous, Wozniak, Venus Sleeps and loads of others, but if I had to choose one, it would be Dublin's Wild Rocket. Heavy Space Rock at its absolute best.

How much has the internet and technology helped your band get to the point where it is today?

It has helped in several ways - Bandcamp is an easy way for people to hear our stuff, and means nobody has to fork out huge amounts of money to hear the music.

Social media allows us to get the word out about shows - it seems that you get a lot more of this than actual posters and flyers these days. Some might argue that this has gone a little further than it should, and sometimes the odd show does not seem particularly well advertised (not just ones we have played), but overall it is a useful way to let people know what we're up to.

The main benefit is that it has allowed us to stay in touch more easily with various like-minded bands over the last few years, meaning that the 'scene' is not restricted by geographical constraints

What is in your music player right now?

V by Ommadon

Ok, you have a few lines to tell us why people should listen to your band. GO.

We play heavy rock with mad swirly phasers over it in places, and echo-ey screaming. If this sound like your sort of thing, I expect it will be every bit as good as you imagine it would. If not, it would be wrong to mislead you, however I appreciate that you made it right to the end of this interview.

Scottish Doomsters Headless Kross Announce New Album Details

Scottish Doomsters Headless Kross Announce New Album Details

Within the realms of extreme music, there are paths few bands dare to tread, masochistic auditory experiences enjoyed by a select few, feared and misunderstood by many. Glasgow’s HEADLESS KROSSare terrifying, dishing out grim music that’s an exercise in primeval tension and paranoia. Their forthcoming offering Projections I is released on November 18th via At War With False Noise. 

Ahead of their release the band have debuted their track ...Does Not Equal Time for listening. Check it out here: and have made their 2015 album Volumes available for free (grab it here). 

Comments Vocalist/Bassist Derek Sexton: "Projections I is the first in a trilogy of albums whose fractured narrative examines this distorted yet strangely cyclical world we live in through equally distorted yet strangely cyclical psychedelic doom. We recorded it as part of a psychogeographical experiment in which we conducted a series of field recordings in various ritualistic areas of Glasgow and we feel we are embracing an increasingly polarised sound - the riffs are heavier, the monolithic groove is catchier, the freak-outs are space-ier and the fragmented lyrics descend into an infinite regress as time seems to collapse in upon itself."

Recorded and mixed by the band themselves at guitarist Tommy Duffin’s own 16 Ohm Studio in Glasgow and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Isis, Conan, Palms), the result is a menacing album that embodies avant-garde invention and unstoppable aggressive creativity throughout.  Envisaged as the first part of a trilogy, this new record sees HEADLESS KROSS heading toward further extremes - heavy bits are heavier, trance-y bits are tranc-ier, this is a band that has honed its sound to vicious effect. The album’s four songs explore ideas related to projectivism, psychogeography and psychochronography. These growing obsessions were reflected in the very recording process of the album, which included a ritualistic tour of various significant areas of Glasgow to both gather field recordings, and map out an altar of sorts across the city, upon which the album could be created.

Having perfected their grippingly bleak and abrasive sound on stages across the country with bands such as Slomatics, Conan, Bast, Jucifer, Samothrace, Inter Arma, Orange Goblin and Ufomammut to name a few, the new year will see the band touring the length and breadth of the UK in support of their trilogy of releases, with parts 2 and 3 being released within the next 12 months. 

Projections I will be released on November 18 via At War With False Noise. 

Find out more about the band
Facebook || Bandcamp

About Headless Kross

Formed in Glasgow in 2011, Headless Kross are the ideal soundtrack to the slow unravelling of the world as we understand it. The band have spent the last 5 years perfecting the Basic Effects (including Transposition, Divination, Levitation, Production and Restoration) through a series of releases. In 2011 their debut, Bear, was the Bone Reader’s Best Unsigned/Independent Album of the year, and this was followed by a split with War Iron, a self-released mini album and a split with Lazarus's Blackstar. Headless Kross's contribution to this (a side-long twisted version of Amon Duul II's Deutsch Nepal) was described by Rock-A-Rolla magazine as “…something precious few would attempt and even fewer could do justice to, but this Glasgow three-piece somehow pull it off."

In 2014 they recorded their second full length album Volumes at Skyhammer studios with Chris Fielding. This 3 song epic explored the idea of the degradation caused by humanity's influence to the natural state of meaning, and the implications of this being rectified. Somehow in a violent fashion. The album was released in April 2015 on Black Bow and Burning World - Terrorizer claimed that it "...stands out from the crowd.." and was "...towering and heavy...", The Sludgelord said it was "Definitely worth checking out and one of the most exciting new bands I've heard in some time" and Maximumvolume recommend that "...if you want to explore the outer extremities of doom, then Headless Kross are here for you."

ANNISOKAY Announce New Album For November

ANNISOKAY Announce New Album For November

German modern metal 5-piece ANNISOKAY will release their new album, entitled Devil May Care, on 11 November via Long Branch Records. Devil May Care is the band's third studio album that follows their 2015 release Enigmatic Smile which entered the German album Top 100, as well as their critically acclaimed 2014 debut The Lucid Dream[er].

Check out the video for the first single "What's Wrong" here:

Once Germany’s best kept secret, ANNISOKAY are rapidly becoming rising stars of modern rock/metal music. Their driving rhythmic backbone, great sense of melody and uniquely diverse vocals that range from soulful singing to aggressive screams make up their trademark sound, which they further explore on Devil May Care. After numerous tours of Europe, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or Russia, the band are primed to impress on a global stage with this new release.

Devil May Care will be released as Limited Box-Set, CD Digipak, Vinyl Version (incl. CD), Download and Stream.


ANNISOKAY will tour with Eskimo CallboyPalisades and Her Name In Blood this autumn:

17.11.16 Germany Dortmund FZW
22.11.16 Switzerland Aarau Kiff
23.11.16 Germany Karlsruhe Substage
24.11.16 Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof
25.11.16 Germany Magdeburg Factory
26.11.16 Germany Dresden KONK Club
27.11.16 Czech Republic Prague Futurum
29.11.16 Austria Linz Posthof
30.11.16 Germany Ravensburg Oberschwaben Halle
01.12.16 Germany Augsburg Kantine
02.12.16 Germany Bremen Schlachthof
03.12.16 Germany Herford X
04.12.16 Germany Nürnberg Hirsch

With more to be announced soon


Alternative/pop rockers Autumn Ruin stream new EP 'We Make Our Own Damn Luck' - out today

Alternative/pop rockers Autumn Ruin are delighted to unveil their debut EP, out today via Square State Records.

First premiered on Kerrang! (who have previously marked the band as Fresh Blood ones to watch), you can now listen to the EP here:

Order the EP here:

Supported by Kerrang! (spotlighting the band with a Fresh Blood 2015), Rock Sound, Scuzz, Playstation's Vidzone, Punktastic and more, this is a band to watch. Scintillating rock riffs and standout vocal hooks underpin highly effective songwriting, marking the band out as something special indeed.

Pre-orders of the EP in the first week helped the band hit #8 in the iTunes best-selling pre-order chart; the band's two EP shows (yesterday and today) precede festival appearances at Macmillan Fest and Fort Fest.

Full dates:

01 September - Manchester, Sound Control (tickets:
02 September - London, The Garage (tickets:
03 September - Nottingham, Macmillan Fest
04 September - Bedfordshire, Fort Fest

For more information:

SKYHARBOR announce European tour with support from Sithu Aye and Modern Day Babylon

Indian progressive quintet SKYHARBOR have announced an extensive UK / Euro tour with will follow their Euroblast Festival performance, and they are taking Sithu Aye and Modern Day Babylon for the ride.

Check out SKYHARBOR 's latest single 'Blind Side' here:

Full dates are:

Oct-01   EUROBLAST FESTIVAL w/ Animals As Leaders / Born Of Osiris / Veil Of Maya + more
Oct-02    Sub 89    Reading, United Kingdom    
Oct-03    The Globe    Cardiff, United Kingdom    
Oct-04    Exchange    Bristol, United Kingdom    
Oct-05    Talking Heads    Southampton, United Kingdom    
Oct-06    Dingwalls    London, United Kingdom    
Oct-08    Plug    Sheffield, United Kingdom    
Oct-09    Newcastle University Students Union    Newcastle, United Kingdom    
Oct-10    Audio    Glasgow, United Kingdom    
Oct-11    The Craufurd Arms    Milton Keynes, United Kingdom    
Oct-12    Patronaat    Haarlem, Netherlands    
Oct-13    Logo   Hamberg, Germany
Oct-14    Freirwerk   Munich, Germany
Oct-15    Flosserplatz   Aarau, Switzerland
Oct-16    Legend Club   Milan, Italy
Oct-17    A38   Budapest, Hungary
Oct-19    Fluturum  Prague, Czech Republic
Oct-20    Elfer   Frankfurt, Germany
Oct-21    Garage  Saarbrucken, Germany
Oct-22    Gibus  Paris, France

BREATHE IN THE SILENCE reveal video for 'Promised Lands'

BREATHE IN THE SILENCE have revealed the video for 'Promised Lands', a final taste of their new EP Hold My Heart which is available through Crooked Noise Records on 2nd September 2016.

First premiered by Kerrang! Magazine, check out the video here:

After their successful run of shows with Normandie in July, the quintet will return to the road in September for their own headline tour - they will be joined by special guests Beyond Recall. 

Dates are as follows:

02.09.2016 - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
03.09.2016 - Derby, Sitwell Tavern
04.09.2016 - Dundee, Buskers Bar
05.09.2016 - Newcastle, Jumpin Jacks
06.09.2016 - London, 229 The Venue

‘Promised Lands’ shows a more mature side of the band as soaring vocals blend with softer melodies. That’s not to say that the five-piece have left their heavier roots behind as the EP welcomes back grittier post-hardcore elements: harsher riffs and guttural vocals at times juxtapose with vibrant melody to create an innovative blend of layers.

The band's live resume is one to be desired having already made appearances at Download Festival, Merthyr Rocks, Oxjam Festival and Butserfest. That’s not to mention the support that they've received from BBC Radio One, Kerrang! Radio and Metal Hammer off the back of their previous single ‘Feathers’, an impressive feat for such a young band.

For more information: