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Brand new instrumental prog artist BODHI is streaming his debut EP Ineffable ahead of release on August 25. 

First premiered on HeavyBlogIsHeavy, you can listen to the EP here:

Watch the video for 'Enamor' here:

The alter-ego of The Room Colored Charlatan guitarist Justin Seymour, BODHI is an entirely solo musical operation, conceived only at the beginning of 2017. Reminiscent of Plini, Polyphia, Intervals and other leaders in the melodic prog field, Ineffable is a glorious half-hour ride of uplifting and cathartic instrumentalism. Listen for example to the galloping, Animals As Leaders-esque opening to ‘The Texture of Motion’, or the powerful hit of the closing section of lead track, ‘Enamor’.

A musical departure from his original group in The Room Colored Charlatan, BODHI demonstrates an intent and exciting new solo talent with Ineffable. With TRCC, BODHI has played alongside TesseracT, Born of Osiris, The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis, Scale the Summit, and many more. Currently only a studio project, BODHI’s aptitude will surely see him scaling the ranks and joining the stage very soon.

You can purchase your copy of Ineffable here:

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