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Do you feel trapped by Valentine's Day? Are you sleeping alone tonight? Are you waiting for your lost love to call?

INKLINGS' explore the darker side of dating at, a quiz that might have the answers for you. Taken over 1000 times already, it could be what you need this year.

The quiz accompanies the band's melancholic new ode to Valentine's - 'Single Life'. Watch the video here:

Single Life is an anti-love song about the absence of love. The jealousy of those in relationships compared to the loneliness behind free and easy single faces. 

Inklings are long-time collaborators Kier Kemp and Michael Lane. They formed in late 2016, musically astray after the end of previous projects (FVK, Up), simply wanting to make uplifting music that told a story. They approach their brand of indie rock with an emotional satire influenced by stories of life in London and Berlin.

The duo started 2017 at a run with tour supports (Dead!, Vukovi, Grumble Bee) and collaborations with producer and friend William Vaughan (Crystal Bats). 2018 will see the release of two new singles, a special live session, a documentary and an EP later in the year.

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