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PHOXJAW have announced their signing to Hassle Records and details of their second EP - A Playground For Sad Adults - which will be released on 5th July.

To coincide with the news, the band have today released the video for single 'Melt, You're A Face Of Wax'. 

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/iqR4Lv2xhoU

The band comment on the song: 

"This song came from more of a prog background as it bounces and plays with a mathy lead line like a floppy puppet with its puppeteer intoxicated. The track's lyrical approach and delivery are more free than on the previous singles. So free that free willy would have made it over the rocks in at least 2 skips on the remote. The lyrics suggest the idea of a distracted nation; one of which is unaware of its power and lack of respect towards the natural world that provides us. Caged little creatures and animals as ornaments with crickets starving in tupperware boxes. 

The band comment on the video:
We were lucky enough to have our close friend James Harris, who's responsible for all of the music videos we have released thus far. We take an idea to James and he brings it to life with his magic hands, shiny head and endless smile. We wanted this video to be simple and have a silly edge to it. Imagine a chicken with a sock on its head. Very silly indeed. The choruses tip the hat to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody video. You know the one, with the lovely singer and moustache like our singer Danny."

The signing to Hassle Records (BrutusPaganPress Club) continues the alternative quartet's rise, following the acclaim of their debut EP Goodbye Dinosaur..., tours with Black Peaks and Pagan, and appearances at 2000trees and Camden Rocks festivals.

Hassle Records' company director Wez comments: "We first saw the band play at the excellent 2000trees last year. We were blown away. It’s difficult to carve your own sound but these guys are definitely doing that already after one EP and another imminent. They are hard to pin down musically and it’ll definitely be a strength for them in years to come."

The band comment: "We wanted to be involved with this label for a very long time. We were all fans of the records they’ve put out over the years and Danny’s old band Black Elephant had been trying to get on these guys for a couple of years. Meeting them was also a pleasure, they are a great team who seem to really give a damn about the music they put out. We are gonna have a great adventure with these guys in the coming years. Weeds have sprouted, seasons have passed and the time has come. The time for rock."

The Bristol-based rock outfit made waves in 2018, garnering support from Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and the Radio 1 Rock Show surrounding the release of Goodbye Dinosaur... The success of the debut EP was unsurprising given the reaction to PHOXJAW's first ever release, their double A-side single Spin Club/Victorian Dolls (Pale Wizard Recordings) which sold out quickly. With their follow-up single 'Triceratops' and subsequent EP the band has received praise from a wide range of UK press: Kerrang! ("unhinged and mesmerising"), Metal Hammer ("inhabiting their own, unique musical world"), Rhythm Magazine ("already causing waves") and more.

There are few bands that sound as unique, infectious, or as powerful as PHOXJAW. Although hard to pigeonhole, the band are at times reminiscent of early Biffy ClyroAt The Drive-In and Cave In. The fourpiece owe much to their melodic tenacity and driving, off-kilter riffs and mixed with their ferocious energy onstage and compelling personalities, PHOXJAW are firmly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.


Danny Garland - vocals/bass
Josh Gallop - guitar
Kieran Gallop - drums
Alexander Share - guitar/keys/vocals

Watch the band live:

01.06.2019 - Camden Rocks Fest, London
29.06.2019 - Behave! Festival 2.5, Truro 
11.07.2019 - 2000trees Festival, Cheltenham 
25.08.2019 - Hubfest, Cardiff
31.08.2019 - Burn It Down Festival, Torquay

For more information:

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